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Skeletal muscle and neutrophil gene responses to exercise

PI: Oliver Neubauer

(FWF, Erwin-Schrödinger Fellowship, J3402)

Within the scope of an FWF-funded Erwin Schrödinger-Fellowship Abroad, Oliver Neubauer planned, coordinated and performed a human study at Griffith University, Australia, which was aimed to investigate the time-dependent changes in the transcriptome of circulating neutrophils and skeletal muscle of trained individuals during recovery from endurance exercise.

The data of this study provided novel insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the responses of innate immune cellular activity and skeletal muscle to physiological stress, and, so far, has been resulting in two publications in the J Appl Physiol. Importantly, these data indicated significant and prolonged interactions of the muscle with leukocytes throughout recovery.

Together with the findings of the Research Platform Active Ageing, this knowledge has been used for defining specific hypotheses, which are the basis for a follow-up project aimed to examine the regulatory cross-talk between skeletal muscle and leukocyte during recovery from resistance exercise in young versus elderly humans.

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